Like drinking poision, Like eating glass


i found myself
holding onto
the past

and it hurt
so much as
i watched it

slip through
my hands

More than 800 people have paid as much as $200,000 apiece to reserve seats on commercial flights into space, some of which are expected to launch, at long last, within a year. Space-travel agents are being trained; space suits are being designed for sex appeal as much as for utility; the founder of the Budget hotel chain is developing pods for short- and long-term stays in Earth’s orbit and beyond. Over beers one night, a former high-ranking NASA official, now employed by Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin transportation conglomerate, put it plainly: ‘We happen to be alive at the moment when humanity starts leaving the planet.’

The Bug

—Poison Dart

The Bug - Poison Dart

(Source: hazyplays)

I’m so sick of this relationship bullshit. Don’t get into serious relationships. Before you know it the person will move in with you and think they can share your socks.

Bright Eyes

—Take It Easy (Love Nothing)


Take It Easy (Love Nothing) | Bright Eyes

But if you stay too long inside my memory,
I will trap you in a song tied to a melody,
and I’ll keep you there so you can’t bother me.